charleston anal cancer treatment

How to Treat Anal Cancer & Important Information

Although surgery was the only treatment for anal cancer at one time, technology and medical advances have now brought several treatments to light. Although this cancer is uncommon, it is aggressive and needs fast treatment. Most doctors use two or more treatments for best results.

The type of treatment chosen depends on many factors. Each case is unique and so are the treatment options. The location and severity of the anal cancer are the most common factors that determine the treatment best for your needs.

Anal cancer treatment options include:

·    Surgery

·    Radiation

·    Chemotherapy

Each treatment has pros and cons that your doctor will discuss with you upon diagnosis of anal cancer. Again, most doctors prefer using several treatments to ensure that the cancer is fully eliminated and treated.

charleston anal cancer treatment

Surgery is usually not needed to treat anal cancer if radiation and chemotherapy are used. That is a great relief to many patients already dealing with the burden of the diagnosis and other traumas in their lives. However, this is not the case for each patient.

One or more doctors will work together to treat your anal cancer. Rest assured each medical team member is working to keep you strong and healthy. Doctors you may work with include a radiation oncologist, a medical oncologist, a colorectal surgeon, and a surgical oncologist.

Your doctor wants to treat your anal cancer with less invasive approaches as possible. The goal is to treat your cancer without causing any worries or concerns. The best charleston anal cancer treatment will help you recover quickly and live a healthy, fulfilled life in the future.

Ask your doctor about the treatment options, which is best for you and ask questions to get the answers that you need. Although treating anal cancer and the diagnosis is both scary, you can get treated and live your best life forward.